Dan Spence

What made me think of this?

This concept came to me while I was taking an old typewriter apart. As I looked all the pieces scattered across the table, I had an idea I could make creatures with them. I used the strikers, that's the part that makes the letter on your paper, for the legs, and other parts to make bugs, crabs, squids to name a few. I form the bodies from fused glass and collect the typewriter parts that will help define the particular creature I'm making. That's where the creative journey starts. One part will stand out and I can visualize the creature before it's made. I then draw top, front and side views of the creature so I have a clear idea of how it's all going to come together. It's a fun process that allows me to first "build" it on paper. I like the fluidity of the glass contrasting the rigidness of metal.   

Coming soon!

Not too far on the horizon I'll be starting my blog. As I build a new sculpture, I'll post highlights of the progress from start to finish (hatching?)